• Netherlands -27 may – 1st June

    Oh ! Where is Marie Chiff'mine ?

    She just jumped into a train on the 27th of May for Paris. She has a musical performance with the musician Pierre-Yves Prothais in Mainvilliers(28). Their musical play "La terre allant vers..." (= about the Earth and its troubles) has been planned on the 28th of may. This play takes place as an introduction to the involvment of towns around Mainvilliers in the sustainable development. Many thanks to Damien Mesnil and Dominique François with their teams!

    Nice meeting between 2 teachers and 2 classes of CM2 of Mainvilliers about the bike trip of Marie Chiff'mine ! Many thanks for your bright questions ! Thanks Laureen for your comments !

    On the next day in Amsterdam, my bike is waiting for me ! We've planned to get Zeewolde tonight !

    "Let's singing in the rain ! "....I don't sing for long. I rode for 4 hours up to Zeewolde ! I'm so exhausted that Helga who was out for an evening walk in the campsite of Zeewolde, proposed me her help. She was like a fairy. The rain was gone ! We have pitched the tent together and she invited me in her bungalow for a shower and tea with bananas ! Many thanks Helga and Henk !

    Oh ! Let's go to Zwolle ! Guess why ?

    I crossed the pretty town of Elburg where I had my lunch on the harbour. Nice talk with the captain ! Leny, a teacher, who was on a school outing with 80 students on bikes, stopped me for a talk ! She is a biker on holidays ! She loves that and was connected in one go when she saw me crossing slowly Elburg ! She gave me a piece of advice for the dutch cycling roads . Maybe, she 'll come one day in Brittany !

    Then, I stopped to a bike shop for a drop of oil and got more air in my tyres. But too much ! My back tyre has burst 4 kilometers later. I got lots of help for repairing and the boss of the bike shop gave me the ride up to Zwolle ! He wanted to help me very much because he has already been a traveller ! Many thanks !

    Zwolle unlimited 2013 : International storytelling Festival !

    Tamara is waiting for me ! She is in charge of the volunteers programm. I'll be a volunteer in the tower for setting the cattering for artists and volunteers. That's a good place for meeting storytellers and other volunteers ! I was with Justin on the Saturday and with Iris on the sunday. I've got a good introduction to the storytelling landscape of Netherlands. I met the french storyteller Abbi Patrix with the performance of "The companion" in english and the english Nick Hennessey. Nick made perfomances with stories and songs with the harp and the kalevala.Emily Parrish was there also ! Haven't I seen you somewhere before ? That was in Kent on the 13th of may in her garden !

    That was enjoyable to have performances in english for my understanding ! But I discovered also dutch tales and duch storytelling ! Hmhmhm ! I invented my own stories from emotions and expressions of storytellers ! I don't speak dutch unfortunately ! I could feel that the young storytellers were really involved in their own stories which were very alive and well shared in that festival.

    What a good programm with belgian, english, french, swiss, german and dutch storytellers....A great family from the universe !

    That festival was really friendly, lovely, full of welcome and discoveries with music and storytelling combinations !

    Many structures about storytelling gathered in that village of tents and boats : Vertel Academie, Stitching Vertellen, De Verhaelen boot .....and more.

    Many thanks to the festival organisation, to Rob, Kitty and their storytelling boat and to Tamara's enthousiasm !

    What a magic boat with many trips in the country of imagination !

    Happy international storytelling festival in 2014 !

    Pictures can tell you more about that festival ....! Have a look ...

    Marie Chiff'mine

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