• Netherlands - 19 -27 may and 94 kilometers only !

    That was a very special week !

    In three times as a waltz !

    1- Keukenhof : A garden in Lisse

    2-Rest, writing and walks .

    3- Amsterdam

    1- Keukenhof : A garden in Lisse

    That's a huge garden with tulips mainly, sculptures, canals, exhibitions and very big trees !

    The springtime was late and the flowers were still bright and colourful on that last day of exhibition ! It opens 2 months a year and keeps busy 600 people. 7 millions of bulbs are planted each year by hand with local producers !

    The tulips are like in a playground skipping and jumping with colours ! There are plenty of them and they all have names ! One is called ice cream ! Look at it ! It's inbelievable !

    That day was a day off for me ! Maybe, I was missing my dear garden !

    My feet were on the earth on that day ! But I was like a bee over those gardens which were like paintings.

    I love gardens ! Dutch people do love them as well ! It's the welcome of the sun at home !

    The gardens speak to each person...The garden of Keukenhof welcomes thousands of people...

    Let's have a break far away from the wind and the rain !

    2-Rest, writing and walks

    I have many things to do : writing, blog, contacts...let's go close to the Noordsee again !

    I need a roof ! The camping of Lakkens is perfect and close to the national park of Zuid-kennemeerland in dunes. A shelter could be fine for 3 days.

    I got it and I am like in a cosy home !

    Look at the picture of the caravan....It's not the same as in my green kennel even if I like very much my little kennel !

    3- Amsterdam

    A big town with lots of trees ! Nice town and good atmosphere ! Nice buildings ! ... Plenty of bicycles ....which look like ants going everywhere with children as well. My bike is happy to meet so many friends in a short time on very special cycling roads ! It's really a government choice. That one is really good for social life and ecological transportation.I met the cyclist that I've met on the road the week before and live in his appartment for a few days. Wonderful ! Many thanks Marnix !

    I walk a lot and take the tramway; et hop ! Rembrandt house, Van Goh exhibition will feed my spirit for a while ! So much water and bridges give a peaceful image of the town !

    Oh ! What's that noise ? This is a demonstration against GMO !

    I join it and talk to people who organize that movement regularly. It happens in many towns in the world. It's a great debate between citizens in the world ! The seeds are part of the common earth. "Let Mother Nature bee "

    And now, let's go to Zwolle ! Why ?

    Marie Chiff'mine

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