Here's the english version of my journey from the second month, May ! (See the pictures : côte anglaise)
    I spent April in Brittany along the "Canal d'Ille et Rance" and the green lane up to St Malo. I had several storytelling performances in different places along the way (farms, libraries, tearoom, schools, leisure centre, sportive club, hairdresser, crêperie des lutins, bars).
    Thank you to the 18 houses who have welcome me in April !

    1- The cross

    The 6th of may, I left St Malo on a ferry on a sunny day . We were three bikes in the ferry beside many cars and lorries. Just one traveller : Marie Chiff'mine.

    2- First night .....Vrrrr......vrr...

    When I arrived in Porthmouth, it was still the bank holiday and many people were out for parties. I 've got lots of cycling roads from the port . I found a campsite in southeast and I pitched my tent for the first time of my trip . It was a really fresh night ! Vrr ! Vrr ! Some people of the campsite from Scotland and from Holland went to talk to me about my bike which was ready for new adventures. Great talk about time and choices in life ! So the bike is really magic for communication ! My first month in Brittany has already proved that !

    3- Guides on the road

    I have a map but it's not enough ! So I've asked my way often and it was a great occasion of talking, learning the local history and meeting people ! I met people who biked with me for some kilometers sometimes like Marcus and July .  Thank you to the cycles Barreg of Chichester for some energy in my tyres ! Oh ! ...Chichester is a nice place....with a huge cathedral. But it's more than 6 o'clock in the evening ...It's time to look after a nest for the night ! I 've planned to stop at Bognor Regis ...But I couldn't leave that town of Chichester... I was like a mouse in a labirynth when I suddenly saw two cyclists...I asked them the way to get Bognor Regis...They shouted : Come with us, we go there ! So we had a nice road together, talking about the country and biking. They had no car, just bikes. When we arrived in Bognor Regis, they asked me to stay to their home for dinner and night. What a nice evening with Barbara and Milek ! Thank you for such a warm welcome ! Milek said that the bike was the best way of communication.
    That was my first day in England ! I had many guides on that day !

    4- Along the coast...

    The weather was quite windy and cold but sunny and dry ! That was my first week abroad !
    Maybe ten times a day, people asked me : Where are you from ? When are you going to ?
    When I returned those questions to myself, I thought that those questions are the ones of each age. Each life is a trip with a lot of ways to chose.
    "Where there is a wish, there is a way ."
    When I lost my way, I've asked people who were in some ways most of the time like fairies on the way. People helped me all the way.
    The nights were so fresh and cold that I couldn't camp any more and I found warm bed and breakfast !
    I' ve followed the coast with the sea on my right as a companion. After Brighton,  I met the first hills...with the wind and the cold ! The clouds are working at night and I'm always out of the rain.  On daytime, the sun is there ! I'm always on cycling roads and I enjoy the landscapes ....with steep hills  and the wind !  Waouh ! I have to walk sometimes with my heavy bike ! That was an other occasion of meeting people who gave me their hand for pushing my bike up to the hill....Thank you Peter, Ruby and Lewis in Hastings on Barley Lane !
    I had easy days those days ! I stopped in Seaford and left my bike bags in a bed and breakfast for a while ! I biked up to the beach lane meeting geese, rabbits ans sheep along my way. What a beautiful end with the seashore full of colorful stones. Those stones were like notes for the sea ! I still have the song of the tide over those magic stones in my ears.
    And the best was those white huge cliffs called the seven sisters. Seven sisters impose their look to the sea ! Seven sisters....that could be a nice tale !
    But first let's try a short poem :

    Seven white pages
    Standing into the sea
    And the wind as a pencil !

    5- English Storytellers : Roisin MURRAY, Emily PARRISH, Nick HENNESSEY

    The other days had some up an down and made me very  tired and also close to a professionnal soryteller : Roisin Murray from Deal ! I'm very happy to meet her. I got lost in Folkestone and got some troubles for the cycling roads and the one way roads...I gave up and Roisin and her husband Wallace picked me up near the harbour of Folkestone ! Nice meeting between biking storytellers . Roisin and Wallace are used to tandemholidays ! We share our experiences of storytelling and share some stories ans songs. Lovely stay in Deal !
    We joined Emily Parrish from Margate. She runs a storytelling club and is a professionnal storyteller also. Nick Hennessey was there too! Here's a storytellers'meeting in Emily's garden ! It's a sunny sunday ! Nick talked to us about a international storytelling festival in Zwolle in Netherlands at the end of may ! Why not ? It's on my road !
    Those sorytellers are very enthousiastic and enjoy sharing and developping storytelling in the Kent area and more !

    6-To the end ...!

    We visited Canterbury, the cathedral and the medieval village ...We also had teatime in the village of Sandwich ! No sandwiches at that last lovely dinner ! Thank you Roisin and Wallace for such a warm welcome !
    On monday the 14th, it's time to take the ferry at Dover...an other page is expected.
    Wallace joined me as a guide up to the port ! Thank you very much !
    I was lucky with the rain which has played hide and seek all the time !
    That english chapter of my trip was an entrance for meeting english storytellers and training me in speaking english all the time.  That will be very useful for the next countries !
    Oh ! After the cross from Dover to Calais, be careful ! You have to bike on the right side ! OK !
    Bonjour Calais !
    Marie Chiff'mine

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