• Le Pays Malouin du 2 mai 2013

    Le Pays Malouin du 2 mai 2013

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    m.hofman Profil de m.hofman
    Mardi 4 Juin 2013 à 15:12

    Bonjour again Marie,

    Too bad we could not talk this morning. And I did not have my mobilephone with me either! And I do not have a phonenumber to call you back (06/72371407 does not work). What is your telephonenumber?

    I'll be gone for a few days and take one of my sisters back to stay with me in Zuidwolde but we shoul be back friday 7/6. Maybe you like to spend the weekend here or so? So please phone me again and in case of voicemail don't forget to tell me your number.

    Have a good cycling-time,


    Mary Hofman.

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