• Estonia, Tallinn - 20th-24th June 2013

    Lübeck - Travemünde....20 kilometers before boarding for Helsinki first and saturday for
    Tallinn.. Good bye canals, rivers ! That's thursday the 20 th of June !
    Here's a huge boat for us which will be our cradle for 28 hours ! I say us...because I'm
    with some people from Germany with bikes and bikes bags as I. They also go to Tallinn
    The boat left the port of Travemünde at 3 o'clock. Everybody is sleeping. The boat is
    purring gently. The sea is calm and pleasant all the way of 700 kilometers !
    The early morning of that 21st of june brings us sunshine ! The chairs are moving a lot on
    the last deck. People take sun baths ! So do I ! Then, I blow a song to the sun that
    Brittany needs him right now !
    Birch twigs are fastened to the handrail of the deck. Guess why ? This is the longest day
    of the year. That's Midsummer in Finland and the boat is finnish. The birch has the
    symbol of light and purification. In Estonia, that's the same but the celebration of
    Midsummer is on the 23rd of june.
    I just arrived in Estonia to the harbour of Tallinn on saturday 22nd in the afternoon with
    the sun ! Wououh ! I must take my cap and take off my socks ! It's summertime here !
    Wououh !
    Sunday 23rd of June looks very special with those all blue, black, white flags everywhere
    even on taxis like flying ears ! That's a national event ! It's Midsummer Eve !
    Let's go around bonfires for dancing, jumping, skipping over the fires along the baltic sea!
    Concerts, dances, songs, games and oral traditions are still alive for that midsummer eve
    which is in estonian JAANIPAËV ( = Day of John)
    That's fun ! It reminds me my Brittany with this common tradition. But, you know what ?
    We've been forced to look at the sunset because he was still here on that clear night !
    That was.....Hm ! I don't have any word for it ! That's a long day and the night is very
    clear and full of light !
    Look at the sky...at four o'clock in the morning !
    The pictures tell you some comments but dream what you can't see !

    Marie Chiff'mine

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